Why Steve Kerr, Bob Myers flabbergasted by Jonathan Kuminga attitude rumors


Why Rumors Shock About Kuminga Kerr And Myers Standing Originally Appeared On NBC Sports Bayarea

The Warriors was impressed with Jonathan Kuminga’s off-season work and an early report questioning his position left Steve Kerr and Bob Myers baffled.

On an episode of “First Take” on August 23, Stephen A. ESPN’s Smith expressed his concern about Cominga entering his second season and claimed he was hearing grumblings about his lack of discipline outside of court and that he was “changing” the Warriors.

Kerr joined Tim Kawakami of The Athletic on the final episode of the “The TK Show” podcast, where he praised Kuminga’s work during the holiday period and recalled a few learning moments during the junior season where veterans Andre Iguodala and Draymond Green held his account and how he benefited from the learning experiences That.

“Well, I think the things you mentioned happened last season,” Kerr said. “It’s all part of him being young and that’s a wonderful part of having Andre and Draymond and having these mentors, so it’s all totally normal. That’s what you want, you want your youth to go through that and see the commitment it takes from your older guys to guide them. And that’s exactly what happened the year Past.

“JK had a really great summer, he did everything we asked of him. He traveled some because he played for his country during the summer, but he worked really hard.”

From the report questioning Cominga’s position, Kerr is surprised by Smith’s allegations, and what he’s seen from Cominga all summer is completely contradicting the rumours.

“I know there was this weird report that came out, and I think Stephen A. Smith said something about JK and, frankly, Bob [Myers] And when that came out, I called each other and asked each other “Where did that come from?” “Because it doesn’t make sense, because JK was great, he did everything we asked of him, he worked hard, and I’m enjoying training him. He’s right where he should be and he should continue to improve every day. But we are very happy with his summer and everything he has committed to” .

Iguodala himself responded to the claim that Stephen A. He presented and echoed sentiments similar to those expressed by Kerr.

“My little friend, I’m on top of it,” Iguodala said on an episode of the podcast “Point Forward”. “He took some licks from Stephen A. I don’t know how foolproof it was because from what I heard he was doing what he was supposed to do this summer.”

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With his second season approaching, Kuminga has a chance to play a big role with the Warriors and, according to his coach, is progressing well ahead of training camp.

Kerr and Iguodala refuted that claim with almost the same response that would give Warriors fans confidence that Cominga is progressing as the team had hoped.

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