Utah Jazz trade rumor: Bojan Bogdanovic trade coming soon?


According to Andy Larsen, Bojan Bogdanovic’s trade may soon take place in the Utah Jazz.

Larsen cites a source close to Bogdanovich and also quotes Michael Sioto, who says:

“A lot of executives across the league expect Bojan Bogdanovic to be the next man for jazz to be moved. … Bogdanovic is the next domino that most people think will fall in love with Utah.”

So what is that? Larsen says the Jazz and Lakers still have the potential to trade Russell Westbrook, and the Lakers’ valuable future first-round picks, but there are barriers to trade, including competition from Tottenham and the Pacers.

This article was written before the recent news that the Pacers are not trading Miles Turner and that the Spurs package, which includes Doug McDermott, Josh Richardson and Jacob Bolttle, is not something likely to float aboard the Lakers’ boat.

This brings us back to Bogdanovic. Would this be the best trading possibility available? It seems very likely.

Andy Larsen also shared a local Q&A and was asked about the trade. Here are the bands he mentioned are interested in Bogdanovic: The Suns, Mavs and Nicks.

We’ve heard about The Sun, but the Mavericks and Knicks are two interesting revelations. There is clearly a lot of interest in Bogdanovic who is one of the best bowlers in the league on the wing. As for jazz, they obviously want to make it sooner to finish things off as they enter the season. Bogdanovic is also a player who chose to come here through a free agency, so it’s possible the Jazz will also feel some obligation to do it right and send him into winning status.

With the boot camp only a few days away, it seems clear that the trade will most likely happen any day now.


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