Shams Charania sticking with Stadium, The Athletic


Shams Al-Shaaraniyah remains in place.

The 28-year-old NBA newsmaker was a free agent this year. He has signed new deals to stay at Bali Sports Stadium – both owned by Sinclair – and The Athletic, The Post confirmed.

“Shams has been an integral part of the stadium’s growth and development, elevating our content across both digital media and TV experiences,” said Jason Coyle, the stadium’s CEO, in a statement. “He is one of the best professionals and individuals in our industry, and we are really excited to continue building on our long-standing and reliable relationship.”

“As one of today’s leading NBA insiders, we’re incredibly excited to keep Shams within the Bally Sports family and build on our partnership,” added Steve Rosenberg, president of Bally Sports.

Charania appears across the digital and television platforms of Bali Sports Stadium. He appears on the stadium’s weekly NBA show, “Inside the Association,” as well as “The Rally,” which Bally Sports RSNs produce every night of the week. “The Rally” effectively serves as a pre-show for live sports for the RSNs, which includes about half of the domestic rights of the MLB, NBA and NHL.

Shams Al-Shaaraniya will be staying at the Athletic Stadium.
Shams El Shaarania is in the 2020 NBA Extension Bubble.
Shams El Shaarania is in the 2020 NBA Extension Bubble.
NBAE via Getty Images

This year’s Stadium NBA Draft show saw 1.26 million viewers, garnered 4.66 million total views on Twitter – up from 1.2 million last year – and was watched for a total of 1.68 million minutes.

This is Charania’s third contract with both Stadium and Athletic, both of whom he joined in 2018. When he gets the scoop, both outlets are credited. The New York Times acquired The Athletic in January.

When The Post described profiles of Charania last May, covering his career path and his wild screen time stats, it was noted that he could be receiving an interest in providing content for sportsbooks. Possibly, in the future, he will add a sportsbook to his list of employers.


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