Northumbrian Water to tackle contaminated water at Tynemouth Cullercoats


Aerial view of Collercoats Bay

Cullercoats Bay is the only shower water in the Northeast that is rated as poor

A drain pipe should be installed to clean the water in the bay contaminated with sewage.

The Environment Agency has advised against swimming and bathing in Cullercoats Bay since 2017 due to the poor water quality.

To address the Northumbrian water problem, a pipe must be installed in John Street to divert polluted groundwater into sewers.

The project is operated by the Water Company and North Tyneside Council.

In 2021, according to the Environment Agency, 26 pollution hazard warnings were issued for the Cullercoats Bay area alone.

Willie Samuel, Cullercoats Council Member, said: “I am delighted that this work is underway.

“We are now very optimistic that this will solve the ongoing pollution problem in Cullercoats Bay.”

“Vital in the economy”

A Northumbrian Water spokesperson said: “The subterranean tube will divert a known source of contaminated groundwater from an abandoned local authority stream into the communal sewage system, to see if this has a positive impact on seawater quality.”

The spokesperson added that the investigations conducted do not show any evidence that the water company’s assets are the main cause, adding that “contaminated groundwater is likely to be the main cause.”

The company said work on the pipeline would begin in November and was due to be completed by Christmas.

The campaign group, Cullercoats Collective, told the local democracy reporting service: “We are pleased to hear that progress is being made in improving water quality in Cullercoats Bay and hope to begin the process that will see the Gulf’s blue flag presented.

“Local businesses that rely on people locally and from elsewhere, choosing Cullercoats as a place to go swimming, kayaking or just to visit is vital to our economy.”

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