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If you are creating any content online, sooner or later you will reach a point where no manual labor is enough. Video shooting, animation, and editing is enough work without having to provide all the dialogue. In addition, high-quality voice acting can be costly. So if you haven’t considered using the AI ​​voiceover feature, you should know that the technology has come a long way. Case in point: Micmonster.

Text-to-speech apps aren’t new, but the quality of the default sounds on this worthwhile tool is great, before we dive into the many customization options. In fact, Micmonster has 5 stars on AppSumo and 4.5 out of 5 on BloggersIdeas. If you are just getting started with the platform, it is very easy to come up with a “voice talent” on the go.

Simply enter your own words or copy and paste blocks of text into the engine, and you will receive speech that is clear and easy to understand. You can create voiceovers of up to 12,000 characters at a time, then combine your audio files if necessary to create your own narration for any content. It also works well for podcasts, audiobooks, corporate training videos, and novels on YouTube and other outlets. You name it!

Moreover, you can customize the sound to suit your message. You can choose from 500 voices in over 120 languages, and the templates cover a wide range of genders and ages with national and even regional dialects. Once you find the sound you like, you can identify a sound pattern that gives it an emotional delivery, such as sadness, emotion, or anger. You can also adjust individual words or sections by adjusting pitch, focus, and speed.

Marketers, in particular, will find plenty of applications for this tool. Currently, Micmonster is offering lifetime access to AI-based acoustics for $59 or half. This is the best price you will find on the Internet!


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