N.J. will increase targets for offshore wind production to help battle climate change, Murphy says


New Jersey’s governor announced Wednesday that he wants New Jersey to rely more on offshore electric wind generation to help the state cut greenhouse gas emissions and work on renewable energy to combat climate change.

Murphy, who appeared alongside New York Governor Cathy Hochhol in New York City, said the state’s new goal is to increase electricity generation from offshore wind to reach 11,000 megawatts of use by 2040. That’s an increase from his previous goal of 7,500 megawatts by 2040. 2035.

“This is an aggressive goal, but it is an achievable goal,” Murphy said. “Reaching this goal will allow us to power millions of homes and businesses in New Jersey…with the breeze off the Jersey Shore.”

“We know that climate change is not only real, it is existential,” he added.

Ed Botosnak, executive director of the New Jersey Association of Conservative Voters, applauded Murphy’s announcement.

“I was thrilled to attend today’s celebration of Climate Week in New York City, and even more excited to hear Governor Murphy announce that New Jersey will increase offshore wind production,” Botosnak said in a statement. “Today’s announcement promised a strong clean energy future with well-paid union jobs and a stable, long-term economy in New Jersey.”

Murphy, a Democrat, has set a lofty goal of cutting emissions by 50% by 2030 and 100% by 2050 in New Jersey, a coastal state that has been hit by severe storms in recent years. He also signed the Environmental Justice Act of 2020 to protect vulnerable communities from pollution, brought New Jersey back into the regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, increased the number of wind farms in the state, and signed laws to promote solar power and electric vehicles in the state.

But some environmentalists have criticized his administration for not doing enough to combat climate change. The EmpowerNJ Alliance, a coalition of environmental groups, has filed a lawsuit against the Murphy administration to lobby for more action.

At the same time, Republicans have warned that Murphy’s master energy plan will raise costs for state residents.

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