Madden 23 content creators going on MUT pack strike due to poor pack odds, Field Pass problems


It’s had a rough start this year for Madden 23. Madden games from the past have been known to have their fair share of bugs and glitches around the launch, but EA tends to fix them quickly. We reported earlier this month about issues with the Competitive Field Pass, and now it looks like things are reaching boiling point among some in the Madden NFL community. A number of creators – old and young in the Madden community – are coming together to freeze spending under the hashtag “#packstrike”.

A number of notable Madden and MUT creators, including Zirksee, Mills and Gutfoxx, are calling for the change from EA on a range of issues.

The demands mainly focus on making sure that everything players spend makes sense. Zirksee, in particular, recommends making Rerolls better so players can spend training points and ensure that people who spend on the biggest packs actually get all the coins they need. These individuals also pay to reformulate the BND system so that these items can go into collections instead of being stuck in your binder.

As mentioned earlier, this isn’t the first release that has appeared for Madden 23 since the title launched last month. A few weeks ago, EA had a number of issues with how it was not tracking the Competitive Domain Card’s cumulative stats. This culminated in a temporary portal from MUT, but the issue was resolved after a few hours.

However, these problems did not prevent Madden NFL 23 from being sold. This week, NPD Group released sales information for Video game industry in AugustMadden 23 was the top title of the month.


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