Is Lamar Jackson’s elbow issue a red flag? Ravens call QB’s limited throwing at practice “normal”


If 45-year-old Lamar Jackson is Tom Brady or 38-year-old Aaron Rodgers, Wednesday may come and go as a result of wisdom, patience and arm maintenance. Instead, when the 25-year-old Baltimore Ravens quarterback wore a full-length black compression sleeve on his arm and didn’t attempt the pass in Wednesday’s practice, it triggered the kind of response you’d expect.

It raised eyebrows, questions and some questions about what exactly the problem is.

“It’s just a regular thing in the season,” Ravens coach John Harbaugh told reporters. “He trained today so he will play on Sunday.”

While apparently training, Jackson told reporters he didn’t throw a pass Wednesday, as it was included in the injury report to his right elbow. He was also wearing a type of sleeve with elbow padding that a league source said team coaches typically use to stimulate blood flow and reduce joint swelling. The source, who saw photos of Jackson in the sleeve, said it could be compared to the sleeves worn by Matthew Stafford for the Los Angeles Rams — whose elbow required less workloads and a break starting last season and continued into training camp.

While it wasn’t clear what caused the injury, it appears that Jackson hit his arm on linebacker Patrick Rijkaard in the third quarter of Sunday’s loss to the Miami Dolphins.

“Men hit or land on their elbow [in games] And they can deal with soreness and swelling for a few days, so you’ll see them sleep as a precaution.” “I don’t think it’s unusual unless he wears it constantly and then takes a day off every week. If this is it, then this can be a red flag. … He’s on the first casualty list yet [the game on Sunday]so this is usually something he might have been injured and had some swelling or tightness and they are taking care and making sure it is ok [Sunday]. “

Jackson, whose long-term contract has yet to be extended, did not seem concerned about having to wear a sleeve and told reporters he was ready to throw the contract away on Sunday.

“I’m going to throw Sunday — Sunday a lot,” Jackson said. “… I’m fine. The [elbow] The pillow came with the sleeve. It wasn’t added or anything like that. I will be there on Sunday. I’ll be there in practice [Thursday]. I’m good.”

With two games and a 1-1 record, Jackson is arguably the best start to his career, completing 64% of his passes for 531 yards and six touchdowns to just one interception. He also ran for 136 yards and landed. He will face a New England Patriots defense on Sunday who will use Jackson as a measuring game after Toa Tagoviloa of the Miami Dolphins and Mitchell Trubesky of the Pittsburgh Steelers held onto a passing streak each during a 1-1 start.

Jackson’s level of prowess and skill presents a much bigger challenge, which has never been more evident than when Patriots coach Bill Belichick confirmed that he sees the Ravens quarterback as a player at the level of the best player who can throw out the pocket and will eventually be paid one. .

“Without a doubt, he’s the type of player, the MVP candidate,” Belichick said of Jackson. “I think it’s more than just an answer [questions about his ability as a pocket passer]. But, we’ll see what his contract is. This will answer [questions]. “

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has made a strong start to the season.  But it suddenly appeared in this week's injury report.  (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has made a strong start to the season. But it suddenly appeared in this week’s injury report. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)


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