Gabe Kapler’s surprisingly quick Logan Webb hook key to long-term plan


Kapler’s quick hook-up portion of a long-term plan to keep Webb’s arm originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

SAN FRANCISCO – Gabe Kapler is far from the first manager who had to make a difficult decision with a young marksman who condones hitting while playing on the field. He may be the first to do so at Coorsfield.

The Giants didn’t plan to let Logan Webb through five rounds on Wednesday, but Webb — and dive, slide and change — had other plans. He’s made a no-hitter 16 times in the game’s best environment for hitters, but his first hit also means the end of his night.

Webb was pulled after only 66 throws in a match that the Giants won 6-1, but Kapler said after the match that even that length made him overly sensitive.

“I would definitely let him get through that (sixth) inning and then reassess how many pitches he has and what the probability of him getting past the whole game,” Kapler told reporters in Denver when asked for a hypothetical opinion. hitter; “Even this would have made some of us very uncomfortable.”

Long before Webb hit the hill on Wednesday, the staff vowed to monitor the workload for the final two weeks of the season. Webb has already passed over 20 runs after his career high, set last year during a breakout season that ended with a two-time playoff start.

Kapler said the staff had “a lot of pre-game discussions” about how to handle Webb, and was determined he would go five rounds if he could.

But baseball often has other plans.

“I knew it was going to be five rounds or maybe the field limit,” Webb said. “I was joking with my dad about this and also with (Tyler Rogers) before the game, like, ‘What if you go over five throws with 50 hits and you don’t have a hitter. I was like, ‘It’s chorus field, I’m going to give up a hit at some point.'”

It didn’t come until the sixth, when Sean Bouchard lined up one song in the middle with one exit. It was the last pitch for Webb, who said after his previous start that he hopes to reach the 200 Tour this year.

With two starts remaining, and the Giants limiting his workload, that achievement will have to wait, but the Giants are planning to get there in the coming years, hopefully as soon as next season. That was part of the calculus on Wednesday night.

“At this point, we’re managing 2022 and 2023 as well,” Kapler said. “And beyond”.

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Unless there’s a massive free agent addition—and perhaps even one—it will make Webb his second consecutive opening day at the start of the 2023 season. His face is on the side of the building on Third and King and is closest to the franchise player Giants. It’s an investment worth protecting, even if it comes with occasional pain.

Webb understood, saying he was hoping to throw a 200 round this year, but at this point “I should also think about my future.”

“We had a big goal,” Webb said. “Unfortunately we haven’t made it, but there is a big goal for next year as well.”

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