First 1.5TB microSD Card Will Destroy Your Price range

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First 1.5TB microSD Card Will Destroy Your Price range
First 1.5TB microSD Card Will Destroy Your Price range

Presentation of the new microSD i400 1.5TB card from Micron.

As inevitable as death and taxes, Micron revealed yesterday that the new industrial-grade i400 microSD will come in capacities ranging from 256GB to 1TB, and for the first time ever, 1.5TB option like never before This will undoubtedly be Too expensive.

officially announced in Embedded World Conference 2022 Micron’s new i400 microSD line, currently based in Nuremberg, Germany, is being manufactured using the company’s 176-layer 3D NAND process with an emphasis on performance and endurance, and is positioned primarily as a storage device for video security devices such as panel cameras Leadership. In large vehicle fleets, police cameras and even home security solutions.

Micron says a 1.5TB microSD card can store up to 120 full days of footage: a completely random number without specification for resolution, frame rate, and compression level, which is more than fast enough to handle 4K video capture as well as “as much as eight intelligence occasions.” artificial intelligence in a second, such as detecting and classifying objects such as a license plate or facial recognition.” The microSD card also has an average failure time of 2 million hours – or about 228 years – so odds are that the device used on it will fail long before the card does.

There aren’t any specifics on when the 1.5TB i400 microSD card will go on sale, and no pricing info is accessible simply but. When SanDisk launched its first 1TB microSD card in 2019, it offered for $450. However as a result of fixed complications within the provide chain around the globe and nations of the world The shortage of digital parts, plus the truth that Micron is placing this card for industrial makes use of, there is a good likelihood a 1.5TB microSD card can be costlier than that. So whereas it would sound like an important storage resolution for the Nintendo Change and Steam Deck, do you actually need to pay extra for the little card you are holding in your moveable gaming gadget than the console itself?

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