Designer Juun.J Collaborates With Samsung On The Most Stylish Smartphone


Juun.J may not be a global household name just yet, but you’d better think that your favorite pop stars have been huge fans of the Seoul-based designer label for quite some time now. The designs of Juun.J, whose official name is Jung Wook-Jun, have been worn by some of the most prominent members of pop culture: a stylish black John. , “Loyalty,” playing Lamar’s ride or death game as the pair navigate a high-octane drama that tests the strength of their bond similar to Bonnie and Clyde. The BTS members appeared in Juun.J’s tracks as actors, with jackets in the music video for “Mic Drop,” as well as off-duty.

The brand’s latest engagement came Monday from Black Pink pop star Jenny, who posted a bunch of photos and an accompanying video from her music video for “Pink Venom” wearing a Juun.J denim suit to her 70.2 million followers on Instagram. .

“People love and adore pop artists,” Young told TZR via email correspondence, reflecting on the big personalities who have shown a love for his clothing over the years. “It is such an honor to have my brand so admired. Of course, it is true that the label’s stature rises through them.”

And soar it. Founded in 2007, Juun.J made its debut during Men’s Fashion Week in Paris in July of that year. In 2016, Jung became the first Korean designer to be chosen as a guest showrunner at Pitti Uomo menswear event in Florence.

The look of Juun.J is urban, edgy, and ultra-modern — if not futuristic. While the brand is largely known for its outstanding offerings of outerwear, its apparel in general has quite a diverse selection, from the brand’s more military-style coats to the romantic floaty pleats featured in Persona’s fall/winter 2021 collection, to the Recently worn by Jenny, it’s short and sweet with a feminine silhouette enhanced by bold waist cutouts.

The tie that ties all the shapes together as in Juun.J is exquisite stitching; Whether the pieces are intentionally oversized or fit the wearer’s shape, the cuts are clean. Young Helmut Lang calls the designer he admires most. “Its structural design is overwhelming,” explains the designer. Young calls his approach “street stitching,” a reference to the inspiration he draws from youth and street culture. “I think of ideas when I meet anyone on the streets with designs and styles I had never thought of before,” he says.

The way his clothes fall onto the frame is his highest consideration: “Even the short-sleeved shirt is designed with subtle draping,” he says. “The key word for all of Juun.J’s work is ‘smart’. Not too serious but I want to show the best quality.”

Long before he made his way into the world of high fashion, his parents, who ran a children’s clothing store, were Jung’s biggest influencers. “From an early age, I was exposed to their production process and that was intriguing,” he recalls. “I took it as a process of making a person beautiful. Instead of expecting fame, I realized that I wanted to become a designer with the simple idea of ​​wanting to decorate people all over the world with my own designs.”

His vision of the future of fashion, that world he designs for, has nothing to do with gender. The brand is usually described as menswear and shows at Paris Men’s Fashion Week, but these labels don’t matter to the designer, who strives to craft looks around the idea that fashion can and should transcend those kinds of labels.

Junn.J Fall/Winter 2020-2021 Estrop/Getty Images Entertainment

“Instead of being restricted to beauty by gender, we can find the peak of beauty when we transcend the closed concept,” Jung says. “There is no difference between a man and a woman. I do not force myself to think in detail for inspiration… I believe that the future will be dominated by these ideas even more.”

And what about the present? He is excited to reveal a new collaboration with Samsung, which includes limited editions of the new Z Flip4 and Z Fold4 smartphones.

“We are very excited to be working with Juun J., one of the world’s most inspiring designers and iconic fashion brands,” says Stephanie Choi, Executive Vice President and Head of Marketing, MX Business at Samsung Electronics. “Through this partnership, innovation meets high fashion, giving Galaxy users a new way to express themselves through the latest Z, Watch, and Buds collections. We are proud to see this collaboration come to life and are honored to know we can play a part in Helping Juun.J and future talents unleash their creative genius.”

The designer is confident in the brand’s ability to meet him wherever he is and align with his own artistic point of view, knowing that they have forged similar fashion partnerships in the past. “Samsung Electronics has already collaborated with Thom Browne and others; they respect the identity of the brands they are collaborating with,” says Jung. “The brand identities of both companies have come together nicely with this release, which will only be available in Korea.”

Despite the big names collaborating and celebrity fans, at the end of the day, the designer prefers to keep it low-key and remain relatively quiet, by industry standards. He prefers not to even name a dream client he hopes to someday wear or his favorite public figure who wore his clothes. And why it? No need to show or talk about anything into existence when he has already designed his vision into reality. The work speaks for itself and does not require a man in front because the best of the best has already been noticed.


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