Bow Valley College President and CEO receives Alberta Newcomer Recognition Award


Honoring Dr. Mishek Mwapa in the Professions and Academics category

Dr.. Michik Mwapa, President and CEO, Bow Valley College

Award-winning Alberta Newcomer Appreciation Award

Award-winning Alberta Newcomer Appreciation Award

Calgary, September 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The outstanding achievements and contributions of Bow Valley College’s President and CEO, Dr. Michik Mwapa, have been honored by the Alberta Newcomer Recognition Awards.

Dr. Mwapa received his award in the Jobs and Academics category at a special ceremony in downtown Calgary. Alberta Premier Jason Kenny and Assistant Minister of Immigration and Multiculturalism Muhammed Yassin were present to honor Dr. Mwapa and other award winners.

“I am humbled to be nominated for this prestigious award and I am honored to win it,” says Dr. Mwapa. “Higher education brought me to Canada, first as a postdoctoral student. My career in post-secondary education has been very rewarding. I believe that access to high-quality, innovative and flexible education is critical to the economy and our society.”

The academic journey of Dr. Mwapa began as a Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Zambia, where he later worked as an Assistant Professor. After obtaining his master’s and doctoral degrees, he arrived in Canada in 2003 for a postdoctoral fellowship at Carleton University. He decided to make Canada his home, starting with a stint at the Canadian Atomic Energy Corporation as a mechanical engineer for research and development. He then set out to build a career in post-secondary education, first as Chair of the Department of Mechanical and Transportation Technology at Algonquin College, and Dean of Media, Commerce and Technology at Niagara College. In 2017, he moved west to Alberta, initially as Vice President of Academic Affairs at Bow Valley College before being appointed President and CEO.

Dr. Mwapa’s contributions to academia in Alberta include finding innovative ways to meet evolving labor market needs through Work Integrated Learning (WIL), competency-based education, reskilling and reskilling. One of Alberta’s colleges national champions, Dr. Mwapa is working with his peers to create a micro-accreditation framework.

Under his leadership and guidance, Bow Valley College accredited MS teams to teach students in China long before the outbreak of the epidemic. His direction led to the creation of a virtual reality simulator and VR lab for students, a doubling of programs offered through the College of Technology, and the new Bow Valley College Center for the Entertaining Arts. He leads his team in developing and nurturing programs that prepare graduates for in-demand jobs in Alberta, bridging talent gaps.

“Dr. Michik Mwapa is a visionary thinker whose calling and knowledge are greatly valued in the Canadian post-secondary community,” says Shannon Bowen Smead, Chair of the Board of Directors of Bow Valley College. “His dedication to higher education and academic excellence in teaching, learning, research and innovation is remarkable.”

He is the first president of Black College in Alberta and is an inspiration to international students and all newcomers. His achievements have been commended by the High Commission of the Republic of Zambia in Canada. Dr. Mwapa has served as a volunteer on several boards and committees. Earlier this month, he was awarded the Platinum Jubilee Medal by Queen Elizabeth II.

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