Ben Simmons opens up on Sixers fans, relationship with city of Philly


The saga that ended Ben Simmons’ time with Philadelphia 76ers was definitely ugly. After a very difficult end to Game 7 of the 2021 Eastern Conference semifinals, Simmons had a turbulent summer, leading to a trade order a few weeks before training camp.

Simmons then didn’t report to the team which then led to him having a mental health issue which then led to him not playing another game for the franchise.

Finally, after months of speculation about whether he’d come back and play a match for them at some point, Simmons was dealt James Harden’s Brooklyn Nets. The Nets then took a trip to Philadelphia after mocking the trade and mocking Simmons and receiving a lot of boos from the Philly crowd.

Simmons jumped on the “The Old Man and the Three” podcast with former bandmate JJ Redick and was asked about his time in Philadelphia and Sixers fans. Riddick asked Simmons about his lack of a jump shot and that it’s being zoomed in in Philadelphia.

Simmons replied with this:

People in Philly just want to have something to say about anything (expletive), man. Like everything. Like literally everything. I post a picture of a (expletive) car or dog, and I’ve had reporters say “You should be at the (expletive) gym”. Like, come on man, but yeah, sure. Philly is clearly a sports city. My experience playing there was amazing. Like, for the most part, it was incredible. I had a good time. Like, the fans are incredible. I still have an apartment there. I still have some real estate in Philadelphia. So I feel like a part of Philly I still am, but she is unique. Like, even being in Brooklyn now, it’s totally different. Such a different experience for me and I really appreciate the time I spent in Philly, because I was able to learn and grow in that city and have friends there for life. Got – my brother lives there. Like, I have family there. So yeah. Philly is great. I think people have an idea that I think I hate.

Please note that the section below contains language that some may consider offensive.

Simmons and the Nets will play in Philadelphia on November 22 and this time around, the All-Stars are expected to play 4 times in the competition.


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The story originally appeared on Sixers Wire


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