Abhishek Says He Gets Conscious With Strangers, Needs Aishwarya To Order Food For Him


We generally don’t expect celebrities to be introverted or have a hard time talking to people. Doing interviews, interacting with fans, meeting a thousand people on set, events, and shots is just part of their job.

This is more common for star kids who have practically grown up in the spotlight.

However, one famous kid who grew up to be a star, still finds it difficult to order food, much like the rest of us. It’s Abhishek Bachchan.

The Dasvi An actor recently shared in an interview with Siddharth Kannan that he struggles to talk to strangers and can’t even call room service or enter a hotel lobby without someone directing him.

He said, “I’m very conscientious. People are laughing at me. We’re sitting in a hotel today, doing our press tour, and if there’s no one to help me walk through the hallway, I won’t show up. I’m afraid to enter a place on my own. I need someone around, I’d rather have someone What can guide me. I am too shy in this way.”

Share how His wife is Aishwarya Rai BachchanAnd the He comes to his rescue and orders him because she knows he won’t eat all day otherwise.

“I have some quirks. If I’m outdoors and my wife calls me in the evening asking ‘how’s your day’ whatever, normal husband-wife chat. She says ‘Have you eaten,’ I say ‘No’.” She says ‘Well what do you want to eat’ and I say Her then she will… I can’t call room service. Aishwarya has to call (room service), otherwise she knows I won’t eat. I have this problem. I have trouble talking to a stranger on the phone.

Although it’s surprising, it’s definitely refreshing to see a celebrity face our same struggles.

We always imagine that celebrities have it all, from confidence to smooth speaking skills, but stars like him make us think they’re just like us.


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